CappingTV - LAN Down Under - PUG - RED vs BLU


Demo uploaded by cpTV | Mitch 7 months ago

AC afroman @LAN261514201025multi @LAN
BHAd fez @ lan26723191421Goomba-sized Mario
AC Avo @LDU 20232072337921fregly wearing fregly shoes
MediumSizedGentleman18917101222gato r puss blanky jame doe
Meti @LAN01913101842000PSI moomoo



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Goomba-sized Mariolool01:34
Goomba-sized MarioEPIC01:37
gato r puss blanky jame doeWHERE IS OUR ROAMER01:41
[STV Stats] BLU spent 7.6 seconds after spawning before healing02:37
[STV Stats] RED spent 8.1 seconds after spawning before healing02:51
fregly wearing shoes:')03:11
[STV Stats] RED spent 5.0 seconds after spawning before healing04:12
fregly wearing shoesit happens05:47
fregly wearing shoes'this isnt fair our team is op' - shitdog06:03
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 32 seconds before using it08:53
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 34 seconds before using it08:55
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 10 seconds11:20
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 14 seconds13:51
MediumSizedGentlemanthats horsershit14:42
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 27 seconds15:34
multi @LANu mg freak15:44
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 63 seconds before using it16:15
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 42 seconds before using it16:16
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!17:45
fregly wearing fregly shoesworthy18:04
[STV Stats] RED spent 7.3 seconds after spawning before healing18:56
fregly wearing fregly shoesmost soy person ive ever seen24:06
fregly wearing fregly shoes'person'24:13
AC Avo @LDU 2023mad cuz bad24:19
Goomba-sized MarioOOOOOOO24:22
fregly wearing fregly shoesur losing24:24
fregly wearing fregly shoeso25:09
AC Avo @LDU 2023lmao25:10
fregly wearing fregly shoeshis health doesnt turn red when hes low25:19
fregly wearing fregly shoesthis config is shit25:22
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 58 seconds before using it25:59
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 48 seconds before using it26:02
AC afroman @LANWTF27:48
AC afroman @LANgg29:50
BHAd fez @ langg29:57
AC Avo @LDU 2023gg30:07
[SOAP] Plugins reloaded.30:12
[SOAP] Soap DM loaded.30:12
[LogsTF] Uploading logs...30:12