About is a hosting platform for Team Fortress 2 demo files and automatic stv demo uploader.


Contact us using any of the following methods for feedback or questions.

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The server plugin automatically uploads any stv demo recorded on the server and makes itavailable for download.

Note that the plugin does not automatically record demos on it's own but relies on other plugins like F2's RecordSTV to manage the recording of stv demos

How to install
  1. Make sure SourceMod is installed on your server.
  2. Make sure the cURL extension is installed on your server.
  3. Download the plugin.
  4. Upload the .smx file to /tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins/ on your server.
  5. Login to retrieve your api-key.
  6. Add the following code to/tf/cfg/server.cfg on the server:
    sm_demostf_apikey <<API KEY>>
  7. Restart the server.

Reporting issues

Any issue, bug or suggestion can be reported over on Github.


The data is available to 3rd parties using a REST api.

See the API Documentation for details.


Storing demos isn't free, you can help paying the server costs by donating using PayPal.