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highly BEEFin'757524Mlboniki ❤
Funny Sticks Playist81111237typhoon
thicc! ♥464605Jazz RICARDO
PLOT ARMOR8571038Kikuro ❤
Obama_Crab13451032DusterDan35 |
Gaminator542417Colonel Salt
XxFeetSniffa69xX15221109ez$ osq
Flaurosa | ttv11171112ArcadeProAlexTTV



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ez$ osq8 player?00:18
Jazz RICARDOobama crab menacingly spectating\00:27
PLOT ARMORare you familiar with the GRIMBLER00:40
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 31 seconds00:44
ez$ osqGRIMBLER00:48
ez$ osqBEST SPY OREO PUGS00:52
Mlboniki ❤GRIMBLER00:54
PLOT ARMORhes goated00:56
Flaurosa | ttvTHE GRIMBLER00:58
ez$ osqRGL*00:59
Flaurosa | ttvGOATED 00:59
PLOT ARMORwe played grimbler last night01:01
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 40 seconds01:02
PLOT ARMORhe was owning01:03
thicc! ♥i love when grimbler said its grimbling time01:04
Colonel Saltxd01:21
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!03:10
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 166 seconds before using it03:13
[STV Stats] RED spent 5.1 seconds after spawning before healing03:35
ez$ osqtough round06:05
thicc! ♥pyro v sniper06:51
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 31 seconds06:53
thicc! ♥over for you06:54
ez$ osq:catyes:06:58
thicc! ♥get ready for the double flare07:00
Obama_Crabsurrender now07:01
ez$ osq:catno:07:10
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 40 seconds07:10
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 211 seconds before using it09:55
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 185 seconds before using it09:58
[STV Stats] BLU spent 6.0 seconds after spawning before healing10:21
thicc! ♥CHEAT10:34
thicc! ♥LOL11:24
Obama_Crab'nother half?11:56
DusterDan35 | RGL.ggyes12:04
thicc! ♥gg12:05
thicc! ♥no re12:06
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