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we're figuring it out2222721725soar
feasting bun1542624314storM
reck1851716913Lad Duck



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[STV Stats] RED spent 14.9 seconds after spawning before healing01:12
[STV Stats] RED spent 12.4 seconds after spawning before healing02:04
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!02:39
we're figuring it outOH03:04
feasting bunfuck you03:06
feasting bun(˶˃ᆺ˂˶)03:08
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 15 seconds04:12
we're figuring it outnice airhot04:17
we're figuring it out#goated!04:22
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!06:34
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 41 seconds before using it07:34
feasting bun˶^•ﻌ•^˵08:19
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 29 seconds08:39
we're figuring it outdid you figure it out?08:52
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 64 seconds before using it09:04
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!12:42
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 33 seconds before using it13:33
feasting bun(^ ◕ ﻌ ◕ ^)14:57
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.5 seconds after spawning before healing16:45
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!18:09
[STV Stats] BLU spent 10.3 seconds after spawning before healing18:37
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!19:04
we're figuring it outdid you figure it out?19:28
feasting bun=🝦 ᆺ 🝦=19:39
we're figuring it outsoar20:08
we're figuring it outyou goomba stomped him20:13
we're figuring it outLOOOL20:14
soartac stomp20:22
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!20:23
feasting bunomg20:31
WoHBillyI am so sad20:35
feasting bun(•ㅅ•❀)20:38
we're figuring it outairhot20:54
soaridk where ur med was20:58
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 63 seconds before using it21:34
[STV Stats] RED lost their uber advantage of 10 seconds22:52
[STV Stats] BLU spent 7.1 seconds after spawning before healing24:18
feasting bunwhy jump away when i can go for sick airshot24:34
KatiePlayz_uber saw hits be like :D25:01
KatiePlayz_feeding us add be like :D25:07
[STV Stats] RED spent 13.2 seconds after spawning before healing25:17
Lad Duck!extend26:15
[STV Stats] BLU's medic died with 96% uber28:55
[STV Stats] BLU spent 16.0 seconds after spawning before healing29:32
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[SOAP] Soap DM loaded.30:14
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