The Colosseum - RED vs BLU


Demo uploaded by Vio 2 months ago

LEGACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY1771427517the monkey from kung fu panda
ROME Vio231315161331master oogway
Alexandros1562414812evil presence
Frisbee2221921815honked off the bobo
ROME MiG-21bis2441116413>O͡ ° TheGreatMage
ROME ghad11598132viper from kung fu panda



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[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!03:52
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 191 seconds before using it04:21
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 42 seconds before using it06:53
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 45 seconds before using it07:05
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 61 seconds before using it10:15
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 76 seconds before using it10:30
honked off the bobowhat are you doing11:17
ROME ghadMAN.11:24
Alexandrosi yump11:26
honked off the boboyump11:36
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!11:37
master oogwayguyS?12:33
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!12:56
ROME ghadNS13:06
honked off the boboTYTY13:14
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 37 seconds before using it13:35
[STV Stats] RED lost their uber advantage of 35 seconds15:50
evil presencehow long have u had15:50
ROME MiG-21bishad what16:04
Alexandrosjust now16:06
evil presenceoh word16:09
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 102 seconds before using it16:41
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 52 seconds before using it16:42
the monkey from kung fu pandanice play man!20:59
ROME MiG-21biswifi hotspot moment23:55
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 63 seconds before using it24:47
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 45 seconds before using it25:43
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!26:12
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 89 seconds before using it28:55
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 86 seconds before using it28:57
[STV Stats] RED spent 8.2 seconds after spawning before healing29:34
ROME Viogg30:07
master oogwayINSTANT30:08
>O͡ ° TheGreatMagegg30:09
honked off the boboggs30:09
evil presenceprocess30:09
evil presence?30:10
[RGLQoL] Match ended. Wait 90 seconds to changelevel to avoid cutting off actively broadcasting STV. This can be overridden with a second changelevel command.30:14
[SOAP] Plugins reloaded.30:14
[SOAP] Soap DM loaded.30:14
[LogsTF] Uploading logs...30:14