demos.tfaboutviewereditor #551817 - RED vs CHUD


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IvaR The Bloody372924217rutilant
lightning317101642mista thug evocation



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[]: Demo recording completed0:00
[]: Uploading demo auto-20240402-2030-ultiduo_baloo_v2.dem00:03
[]: Demos must be at least 5 minutes long00:04
[CC] This server is running config: server.cfg00:05
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!01:48
[StAC] Player JELQWARE.CC's interp was 330.0ms, indicating interp exploitation. Kicked from server.02:20
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.6 seconds after spawning before healing02:56
[STV Stats] BLU spent 5.8 seconds after spawning before healing03:53
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.7 seconds after spawning before healing04:27
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!05:18
[STV Stats] RED lost their uber advantage of 15 seconds06:30
[CC] This server is running config: server.cfg06:48
[STV Stats] BLU spent 5.5 seconds after spawning before healing07:53
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!08:29
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!10:56
[STV Stats] RED spent 10.8 seconds after spawning before healing11:17
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.9 seconds after spawning before healing13:19
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!13:40
[STV Stats] RED spent 15.5 seconds after spawning before healing14:05
[SOAP] Soap DM loaded.14:33
[SOAP] Plugins reloaded.14:33
[TF2 Competitive Fixes] Preventing whitelist reload14:33
[LogsTF] Uploading logs...14:33