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acanthe4291423911/ff tag ff
/ff doudoune de ronz2521723719poy
C:\User\terry\skill\<not found>1941525323Lance-roquette mystérieu
amel ben101381821319/ff Au coeur du G



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C:\User\terry\skill\<not found>!mp_timelimit 3001:59
C:\User\terry\skill\<not found>!rcon winlimit_502:21
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 112 seconds before using it03:01
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 115 seconds before using it03:07
C:\User\terry\skill\<not found>!rcon mp_winlimit 503:36
C:\User\terry\skill\<not found>!rcon mp_timelimit 3003:43
/ff Au coeur du Gyes04:07
[STV Stats] BLU lost their uber advantage of 40 seconds05:14
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 84 seconds before using it05:43
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 35 seconds before using it05:50
[STV Stats] RED spent 10.7 seconds after spawning before healing06:53
Lance-roquette mystérieuMDRRR09:25
mingoc trop09:30
Lance-roquette mystérieuje t'ai pas focus 09:37
Lance-roquette mystérieuwallah09:38
/ff Au coeur du GCuby: bah faut savoir garçon .14:06
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 42 seconds before using it14:06
[STV Stats] RED spent 8.4 seconds after spawning before healing14:50
/ff doudoune de ronzoh lala15:19
[STV Stats] BLU spent 13.8 seconds after spawning before healing15:27
Lance-roquette mystérieuMOGGED17:28
[STV Stats] BLU had uber for 78 seconds before using it18:59
[STV Stats] RED's medic DROPPED!19:03
[STV Stats] RED spent 9.0 seconds after spawning before healing19:36
[STV Stats] BLU's medic died with 95% uber21:08
/ff Au coeur du Gnerd23:13
/ff Au coeur du Gde ouf23:14
/ff Au coeur du Gavec les lunettes et tout23:18
[STV Stats] BLU spent 6.0 seconds after spawning before healing24:23
[SOAP] Plugins reloaded.30:14
[TF2 Competitive Fixes] Preventing whitelist reload30:14
[SOAP] Soap DM loaded.30:14
[LogsTF] Uploading logs...30:14