20K Server | Chicago - RED vs BONER


Demo uploaded by blazer 1 months ago

9 hour ltg compilation2131419915grotesque protrusion
p12sdfs221-d1881822214tr -rng
The Black Lagoon Gooner10319514BBL DRIZZY
beggaring for pussy1541713711soar
goblin vibewizard1156



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[]: Demo recording completed0:00
[]: Uploading demo auto-20240510-2348-cp_snakewater_final1.dem00:03
Overrode round timer time to 240 seconds00:05
[]: Demos must be at least 5 minutes long00:08
[STV Stats] BLU spent 15.8 seconds after spawning before healing01:05
p12sdfs221-d joined the server.02:06
The Black Lagoon Gooner*DEAD* gyarra : they call us the twin towers02:20
The Black Lagoon Gooner left the server. Reason: Client Disconnect02:22
Overrode round timer time to 240 seconds04:35
[STV Stats] BLU spent 31.8 seconds after spawning before healing05:59
[STV Stats] RED had uber for 31 seconds before using it06:21
denisavichgyarra incident07:30
slanyou were 307:38
grotesque protrusioni was razzled from the uber07:38
slanfor 4 hrs07:42
[STV Stats] BLU spent 7.4 seconds after spawning before healing07:48
[STV Stats] RED spent 10.0 seconds after spawning before healing08:17
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.6 seconds after spawning before healing08:28
[STV Stats] BLU's medic DROPPED!09:49
[STV Stats] RED spent 8.4 seconds after spawning before healing12:19
denisavichgyarra noob, ok?12:21
grotesque protrusionthe denis incident12:26
Overrode round timer time to 240 seconds15:03
Overrode round timer time to 240 seconds16:46
denisavichgyarra incident18:03
[STV Stats] BLU spent 8.3 seconds after spawning before healing18:18
[STV Stats] RED spent 11.6 seconds after spawning before healing18:53
[STV Stats] BLU spent 6.9 seconds after spawning before healing20:51
Overrode round timer time to 240 seconds22:06
p12sdfs221-dim so anabolic23:40
slanim destroying u23:56
[STV Stats] BLU spent 5.8 seconds after spawning before healing23:59
[SOAP] Plugins reloaded.24:13